Thursday, 20 April 2006

NLD Special Statement

21 Apr 2006

The National League for Democracy
(97/B) West Shwegondaing Street
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement by the National League for Democracy

April 21, 2006

Special Statement- 3104/06 (Original Translation)

1. The National League for Democracy on the Union Day (12th February, 2006), which is one of the auspicious days of the history of the country, with the frank and honest intention and stressing for the benefit of the country and the people, issued a special statement calling for the formation of a People’s Parliament to proclaim the State Peace and Development Council as a legitimate ruling council. The People’s Parliament is the one and only authority to proclaim as such. Only after becoming a legitimate body, the State Peace and Development Council could more effectively solve the general crises in the country.

2. The undeniable actual situations occurring in the country are: -
(1) Excessive high prices
(2) Rampant inflation
(3) Difficulties for food, clothing and shelter faced daily by the general public
(4) Deepening wealth gap between haves and haves-not and the dwindling middle class
(5) Increasing poverty
(6)Transportation difficulties
(7) Inadequate domestic energy sources
(8) Deterioration of environment and the depletion of natural resources
(9) Failure to prevent cultivation, production, transportation, selling, and distribution of narcotic drugs
(10) Inability to prohibit trafficking persons
(11) Inability to prevent and control off pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and avian flu.

3. Because of the insufficiency of financial resources in the country to solve the above problems, the situation is reached whereby the humanitarian assistance from the international organizations including the United Nations is urgently required. Plans should be made such that the humanitarian assistance reaches the affected persons. This will mean that compassion is shown towards those people.

4. The State Peace and Development Council requires to be a legitimate ruling council to solve the above general calamities and pandemics suffered by the people. Only the legitimate governance could effectively and urgently solve the above overall problems including the acceptance of the humanitarian assistance. As a first step the State Peace and Development Council and the National League for Democracy are urgently required to discuss justifiable practical issues for the benefit of the people. Discussion with the representatives of the multi ethnic nationalities is to be followed as the next step. To prevent the looming dangers such as pandemics the proposals of the National League for Democracy should be considered seriously by the State Peace and Development Council. All the internal and external problems are always solved through dialogue in any county. There are many evidences both in internal and international affairs that prove that no problem could be settled constructively for the country and the people without dialogue.

5. Hence focusing on the interests of the country and the people, the National League for Democracy is frequently attempting to fulfill the needs through dialogue according to the democratic practice and the principles off rule of law. Therefore, if the State Peace and Development Council could respond by the 27th May 2006, which is the Anniversary of the Multi Party Democracy General Election during which the electorates, hoping for the relief from their sufferings and fulfillment of their interests, elected their representatives and the mandate was given, then only the aspiration of the people who are wishing for a progressive change will he revitalized.

By the resolution of the meeting of the Central Executive Committee held on 19-4-06

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

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